Hackbase Brussels

A Hackbase or Hackerbase is a Live-in Hackerspace - a hackerspace with an in-house capacity for hacking & coliving (from hackerspaces.org).

The story

You encounter these moments not so often. You just feel the time has come, the time is nów. When all elements fall in place and all of a sudden you only encounter people that are thinking the same.

Well, we've arrived at that point.

For some time, the idea has been growing. At moments, we were practically living in our hackerspace and we found ourselves in a difficult situation sometimes. Your rent doesn't all of a sudden stop nor does your hang for some privacy from time to time. And on the other side the space isn't fully equiped to qualitatively live in. Even though we don't have high requirements, you do tend to live more on snacks, while your brain is screaming for nutrients. And at some point Club Maté reaches its limits :-)

But being in an environment of likeminded, creative people did prove to be stimulating and interesting. You share experiences and knowledge. You start projects together. You learn. You teach.

And the rise of fablabs, hackerspaces and coworkingspaces proves that we're not alone in this world.